About Us

Zeal Illustration is a small UK based company producing hand printed home-wares. Laura Carey, the designer, initially hand draws all of our designs intricately in pen and ink. The practice of drawing in pen has given her a strong line as there is no room for error.

From our current collection, you may surprised to know that colour is Laura’s particular area of expertise. However, she is enjoying the limitations of exploring only Black and White, as these striking colours have so much to offer and are elementary to the human eye. She has allowed herself the odd splash of teal or gold – but I’m sure you’ll agree that the monochrome nature of our current collection compliments Laura’s fine, intricate and delicate illustrations.


We strive to provide products that don’t exploit those involved in the production – including the sourcing and production of our raw materials. Therefore, we have selected suppliers that share the same values. Our ethical values are the bedrock of our company and for this reason we hand screen print all of our products here in the UK. We also use water based inks that are more environmentally friendly; these inks don’t fade or run – in fact they provide excellent colour and durability.


Our Ethics

We choose our cotton supplier because they ensure:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected to the extent permitted by local law
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labour is not used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practised
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
  • No bribery or corruption is permitted

We are always looking for more opportunities to trade and produce ethically.